Single Family homes

Oakley, CA

Approx. 1,990 – 3,078 sqft.
3 – 6 bed / 2.5 – 3 bath
2 – 3 car garage

Residents are more than proud to call this fine community “Home”.

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What is more beautiful than the colors of a fall Aspen tree: warm, welcoming, stunning and strong. The same can be said of the homes of Aspen at Emerson by DeNova Homes. Beautifully designed with warmth and style, strong design and stunning interior amenities perfect for those who live within, Aspen boasts a multitude of elements that appeal to today’s homeowner.

From the open concept designs, outdoor California rooms, gourmet kitchens, spacious bedrooms, sumptuous master suites and exceptional finishes, residents are more than proud to call this fine community “Home”.


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