Putting the Spotlight on Butterfield Station


When it comes to creating bigger and better communities, DeNova Homes is all about the people. In the end, we can help put the buildings together, but the people are the REAL community. Great people and a great community are the foundation of Butterfield Station, while DeNova supplies the beautiful homes that they all live in. There are a few things that everyone wants to know about before they choose their next community, which is understandable. There are so many great things people have to say about Butterfield Station that it is hard to decide where to start and finish. If you want to know more about this chic community, take a look at some of the best points regarding Butterfield Station here.

  • Here the luxury townhouses range from 1,800 to 2,300 sq ft.

  • Butterfield is ideal for those wanting to start and grow a family as well as those who want to find a smaller place after all the children have moved away from home.

  • Though you will be in the hub of Morgan Hill, you will be far enough from it to be able to unwind after a day at the office.

  • A night on the town is just steps away. Every day will feel like you are living in a nice vacation property with all the best stores, eateries, bars, cafés, etc. that are in walking distance.

  • The 3-4 bedroom properties are designed to show off their abundance of living space with lofts, extra rooms and even home office space.

These are of course only some of the things people have come to love about Butterfield Station. In order to experience this neighborhood at its very best, just stop by any day of the week. When you are ready to make sure the next home that becomes available here is yours, contact us immediately so we can get you started. There are just so many things that people here find incredible you will only be able to understand if experienced for yourself.

3 Reasons Why Buying Your Own Home Makes You Happier

There are so many reasons why renting is the pits. Have you ever needed something repaired in your rental home or apartment? Well, most likely you have had to endure the agony of waiting to find out if your landlord would ever find the time to repair something for you. That alone is one of the biggest things that cause people to rather have their own place to manage instead of renting. Most renters are dealing with so many things at the mercy of their landlords that it seems the only way out is to just purchase their own home.

If you are reading this and are renting, you likely know exactly what we are talking about. With that, we want to share with you our 3 reasons why buying your own home makes you happier. There are so many other reasons, of course. However, we just want to quickly give you 3 to help you understand how much happier you will be owning your own home.

1. Stabilized monthly payments.

The fact that you will know how much your monthly payments are going to be for the next 20 to 30 years should be enough to make you smile. When you are renting, you are at the mercy of the market prices which rise every year depending on the area you choose to live.

2. Your home equity can help you in the future.

If you happened to need a new vehicle or an emergency loan for some reason, you can borrow against your equity. If you are a renter and fall into a situation, you are going to have to try going to a bank or explore options that are much more difficult to get money from.

3. No need to wait for a landlord to make repairs.

When something needs repair in your own home it comes out of your own pocket, but it is well worth no having to wait. This also allows for you to shop around and find the best deals and possibly fix things yourself at very economical rates.

These reasons we have expressed here aren’t even half of the happiness you will experience as a homeowner. You will just have to jump in and see for yourself what lies in store for you to fully understand what we have had to say here. Don’t live in misery renting a place if you don’t have to. Make some sacrifices if you must as long as you get to experience the true happiness of owning your own home.

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