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  • 6 Easy Ways to Separate Areas in an Open Floor Plan

    Homes with open floor plans tend to be airy and filled with light. Instead of moving through rooms separated by walls, you can flow through these spaces, moving from one area to the next. There’s a problem with all that openness, though. If you don’t create separate spaces, it can feel like one big, chaotic room with many purposes. And that’s n..

  • Choosing the Perfect Neighborhood for Your New Home

    Deciding where to live is almost as important as picking your future home. After all, your new neighborhood is more than a physical location. You're joining a new community. It's a big deal. Every family is different, so it's important to keep those unique needs in mind. Here are a few tips to understanding what matters most to you and your fa..

  • 5 Energy-Efficient Products for Energy-Efficient Homes

    Having an energy-efficient home is important for so many reasons. You can dramatically reduce your energy bills by heating and cooling your home and lowering energy use. Plus, you can reduce your environmental footprint by being more conscious about what you’re using. The problem is, it’s not always easy to know how best to do it. Here are five..