How to Minimize Stress While Moving Into a New Home

How to Minimize Stress While Moving Into a New Home

The stress you may feel when you are buying your new home is entirely different from the stress you feel once it’s time to move. Yes, moving into a new place can be very exciting, but it can also get pretty hairy at times. Once you have that move-in date set, it almost serves both as a great day ahead and a hard day to prepare for. If you are someone who finds it hard to part with old furnishings any time you move, things can get much tougher than we think at times. Just the task of putting your entire life that you have carried around with you and your family over the years can be very challenging as you come across things that make you nostalgic to say the least. We have here some tips for how to minimize your stress while moving into a new home. We hope you will enjoy these and apply as many as possible to the point your stress level is virtually nonexistent.

#1: Cleansing

Having a home that is full of clutter can be a frustrating thing all on its own. to think of parting ways with some of those items once you start going through them can be even more frustrating, but it must be done. If you think about it, going into a new place with tons of old baggage is like never letting go the things of the past so you can have more room to embrace the wonderful things of the future. Separate things into groups of things you MUST keep and things you simply don’t use anymore and likely forgot you even owned for years already. The things you have forgotten about and/or don’t use anymore can very well be sold or given away to some lucky person who you know will appreciate them. Cutting down on the amount of clutter will make less things you have to pack away and move later on. The less things you have to worry about making space for, the less stress you already have.

#2: Reserve Time for Packing

Sometimes you will just have to take a day or two to really get into the grind of getting everything situated. Trying to manage packing and moving all while in the midst of business meetings and other deadlines will only add to your stress. If you aren’t able to dedicate any time to the task at all, at least bring in some reinforcements to help you get the job done that you can trust their judgment.

#3: BOXES, Never Too Many Boxes

Hopefully, you will know your move-in date or at least a general idea of when it will be, months in advance. Having at least a couple of months in advance will allow you to have plenty of time to get as many boxes as you can. Another thing you are going to need with boxes will be tons of newspaper to protect your glassware and delicate items. Running out of boxes can be an unfortunate disaster that you surely want to avoid. Therefore, go with the theory that there’s never too many boxes and you will have plenty of boxes and newspapers to get everything safely packed and transported.

#4:You MUST Have a Plan

Doing all of the things we have mentioned previously and getting to your moving day without a plan is like planning to stress out for sure. there should either be a centralized place for all of the boxes or every room should have boxes placed in the center of the room. This way, you can be sure to check all closets and other areas to make sure everything has been removed much faster. When moving things into your new place, there are many different methods you could use to make your move more efficient. One good way, is to move things in from the back of the home to the front. This way, you will not have people tripping over the things they have placed in the front room first while next trying to get things to the back of the home.

#5: Definitely Delegate

A great plan without a great execution is just a great failure. if you will not be able to be the one to do this yourself, make sure to have someone you trust to handle the execution of your plan. Having people moving around during the move trying to figure out where they need to go is going to just create a very stressful environment and waste a lot of valuable time.

There are so many things you can do to make sure that you don’t lose your mind during the moving process. However, with the tips we have provided here, you should be fine to continue on without having to worry about too many things.

5 Ways to Conserve Water Every Day of the Year

5 Ways to Conserve Water Every Day of the Year

World Water Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop conserving water by a long shot. In fact, we believe that you should always be finding ways to make sure to watch out for using too much water on a daily basis. If we just stopped to take a look at how things were going around 11 years ago before World Water Day as established, we have definitely come a long way on a global scale. However, on a more local scale, we want to share with you just a few quick tips that will help you to keep you on track for World Water day and every other day of the year as well. Take a look at these quick tips so that you will be paying attention to your water consumption no matter what day of the year it is.

  1. Choose to own a DeNova Homes property. DeNova Homes is very aware of the most modern trends when it comes to creating eco-friendly homes. Our homes will keep all of your utility bills much cheaper than if you had chosen any other conventional home to live in.

  2. Consider your water and electricity consumption when doing laundry. Doing the laundry happens to be one of the biggest time of consumption for both water and electricity. Most people don’t realize that the hot water they use to wash laundry is being heated and therefore adds to a higher electricity bill. Sometimes it’s the everyday things that seem small that we fail to think about more closely.

  3. Remember to turn off water when not in use. Think about how much water you just allow to go down the drain by not turning it off during a shave or while brushing the teeth. Water is running much faster than you think.

  4. Look for items with the EPA WaterSense label on them. Those items are going to help you save so much when it comes to your water use without even having to really think about it.

  5. Be strategic in your landscaping tasks. If you will choose to water your lawn in either the early morning hours before sunrise or right after sunset, you will not have to worry about so much of that water evaporating too quickly.

As with anything that saves you money, there are many ways that you can get creative to save. Every money saving tactic you use will always be tailored to your particular lifestyle and how much time you have on your hands. Getting other members of the home to pitch in and also getting the whole community involved are some other ways to increase the savings.