How to Improve the First Impression of Your Home

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 When people enter your home, they are very quickly going to start generating their first impression. What are people thinking and/or feeling when they enter the doors to your home? This can be a very tricky thing to manipulate because everyone is different. Understanding that everyone has their own sense of style, there are still some helpful things to consider. Take a look at our four tips that will help create a great impression for just about everyone that enters your doors.

1. Experiment With Different Colors

Never be afraid to do something colorful or new with your focal point wall (the wall directly in the line of sight upon entering the door). Neutral colors are always good, but don’t shy away from all the other colors of the rainbow as well. There are so many options out there.

2. Place Furniture In the Foyer That You Can Use

Even though there may not be tons of space in your entryway, make sure to choose things like a chest or some sturdy decorative chairs that can actually be used. This way, if someone needs to hang a hat or coat or have a quick seat you will not have to worry about anything falling apart or being damaged.

3. Choose A Stylish Mirror As An Accessory

A stylish mirror doesn’t have to be an expensive one. You can even get a nice mirror from a local thrift store and repaint the framing. Use the mirror to reflect light that comes into the entryway. The mirror can also be used to make the space seem twice its size.

4. Choose The Best Lighting

Most home decor professionals will suggest that high ceilings get chandeliers or hanging light fixtures and smaller spaces of course get light sourced mounted on one of the side walls. Whichever you choose to go with, make sure to coordinate the finishes with the door knows and other light fixture finishes you have throughout your home.

These are some really easy ways to improve the first impressions people get when they first walk into your home. As you experiment with these, you are likely to discover plenty of other ways to improve your entryways as well.

Cambridge at Carriage Hills: Dream Homes Come True


What makes your dream home a dream? Is it that home is so perfect and seemingly out of reach? Is it the way that you feel about the idea of having everything that you want in one place? Is your dream home made of all the things you think you will never find any builder capable of pulling off? Our dreams are made up of so many things that are usually just an illusion to us. We want you to realize that we may have designed and built your dream home time and time again here in Cambridge at Carriage Hills. To help you understand what has made the homes of Cambridge a dream come true for many residents, take a look at a few of the facts.

  • Huge, striking homes that really stand out. Your visitors here are more likely to want to become your neighbors just because of how unique the homes are in Cambridge.

  • These homes were designed meticulously with the residents in mind. DeNova Homes has made sure that the architectural aspect is something you will certainly love both inside and out.

  • The luxury homes of Cambridge range from 3,200 to 3,700 sq ft with a few different floor plans for you to choose from.

At DeNova Homes we are all about helping to make your dreams become reality as much as possible. The best way to begin determining if any community is the place you will find your dream home is to first make a visit. Our teams of DeNova Homes are always ready to help you with viewing the homes of Cambridge at Carriage Hills and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

How To Create A Focal Point For Your Rooms

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With all the talks about focal points and feng shui, it can become a little confusing to understand the differences and which ideas to follow. In this blog article we are just going to deal with creating a focal point for your rooms. Every room has a great focal point or spot where one can be created. The only thing is some rooms are harder than other to find the focal point you are looking for. Therefore, you might just need some ideas before you can start to know what you’re looking for. Continue to read here and you’ll find a few tips on how to create a focal point that we have shared with you.

Take Note Of The Rooms’ Natural Features

If the room already has something definitely eye-catching like a fireplace or large display window, there’s your instant focal point. Make use of that feature and bring it out with color and decor as best as possible. Just be sure to allow the natural beauty of it to shine through.

Use Furniture To Create A Focal Point

Sometimes a room is just a plain as the day is long. However, that should be a good thing for those who have plenty of their own design ideas. Sometimes, an instant focal point can get in the way of what you really want to do with a room. You can use some nicely designed furniture or even a nice rug to draw attention to a certain area to a room you want focused on.

Create A Theme For The Room

If you aren’t really into abstract ideas so much, you can just create a theme for the room. A lot of times rooms with both a theme and a focal point work so much better than rooms with one or another. Not everyone can pull off a room decorated without a theme. Therefore, decorating according to a theme could be the safest bet.

Use Colors To Help Shift Focus In A Room

Colors that stand out can actually help to bring out your furnishings or any other main focal point you have in a room. Just be careful to always establish whether the wall decor or the furnishings are the focal point before you select a color scheme.

When using these ideas, it’s important to make sure to keep your own sense of style in mind. One thing you don’t want to end up with is a living space you can’t stand to live in. At the end of the day, make sure that you always choose colors and items that you fully can handle and will be able to deal with seeing every day until you think of the next design project.

DeNova Homes: Committed to Quality and Integrity

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It all began back in 1989 when Dave and Lori Sanson founded and incorporated DeNova Homes Inc. Ever since, this family owned and operated business has been following a tradition of dedication to the industry and its customers. The projects that have been handled have ranged from small infill communities to some multi-million dollar master plans. No matter what size the project has been over the years, customers can always count on the team of DeNova Homes to deliver exceptional quality, workmanship and customer service. How do they continue to please so many customers year after year? Take a look at the next three points of focus in order to better understand DeNova Homes.


One of the ways customers continued to be pleased with the homes they buy from DeNova Homes is the ability to customize their home with the design team. Being able to make your home feel tailored to your own sense of style is important and the design team makes sure to guide you every step of the way.


We know that you can’t get the home of your dreams without the proper financing tool being in place. Finding the best financial product for your purchase is something else that DeNova Homes makes sure to work with buyers on so the process goes more smoothly.

Internet Incentive

To make buying a home with DeNova Homes even sweeter, there’s the internet incentive that is offered. There’s a $5,000 internet incentive that can be applied toward the purchase of a new home. Make sure to visit the site for all the rules regarding this so you can take avail this great incentive.

As you begin to visit our site, and learn of the different communities and what they have to offer, you’ll discover there are so many more great things to know about DeNova Homes. Don’t allow the opportunity of getting into your dream home pass you by waiting any longer. Contact someone on the team and find out what you will need to do to get one of the great deals offered by DeNova Homes.

Terrific Benefits of Swimming


Some of us swim all year in our wonderfully heated pools. Some others only swim during the spring or summer months. We can’t and won’t leave out that there are some people who just don’t swim at all. Therefore, there will always be some people who make laps in the pool while others sit and have a fun time in the shallow end or kiddie pool. No matter which one of these types of people you happen to be, you should understand that there are benefits. Continue to read along here as we discuss some of the terrific benefits of being someone who is at least active in the swimming pool.

1. It helps people who have trouble keeping their balance. This goes for people with vertigo as well.

2. It’s great for people with bad joints. Because swimming is really a low-impact activity, it won’t bother people who usually experience joint pain with other forms of exercise.

3. Swimming is really heart healthy. Because swimming is a great form of cardio, it gets the heart pumping in a good way.

4. It really works out the entire body. There’s no other form of exercise like swimming where you can work out all of your body without “feeling the burn” like you do with other exercises.

5. Some of us can swim year-round. If you are fortunate enough to have a great heated pool you are going to be able to have so much fun all year. Make sure to invite some of your friends and family so they can join in on the fun with you.

As you can see here, there are really so many terrific benefits to swimming that we have only give you some of the best ones. Hopefully your swimming season will be joyous and full of many memories no matter how long that season may last.

Allow Villa Vista To Capture Your Heart


Looking for the perfect home many times comes down to your sense of style. Everyone has a style that is unique to them and no one else. If you have a very traditional style and love architecture, you are more likely to find the very charming homes of Villas Vista lovely. Making sure that you have the best floor plans and design at Villa Vista is of the utmost importance. What we want more than anything is for all the residents at Villa Vista to enjoy their beautiful homes and feel very much at home. Why should you choose Villa Vista? Well, we thought you’d ask that so we have a few reasons here for you to think about.

  • There are some very nice designs and floor plans for you to choose from that will cater to your best sense of traditional style.

  • The home interiors of Villa Vista are designed perfectly to accent the beautiful living spaces and give you plenty of room to add your own personal touches and make it your own.

  • The floor plans include a variety of 3-5 bedroom homes complete with kitchens that have all the latest equipment. Our kitchens are excellent for those who have a love for food and the culinary arts.

  • You’ll have a home here with an extraordinary view of the property and nearby scenery that will take your breath away.

  • To make things even sweeter, there are recreational facilities and entertainment all within a short distance of your home here in villa Vista.

  • The biggest attraction is the 36 hole golf course that covers over 33,000 acres of incredible hills and provides so many stunning views of the property and surrounds areas.

This wonderful hillside community is something to be experienced if you are in the market for your dream home. If the hillside doesn’t grab your heart right away, the homes in Villa Vista will surely get your attention. The best advice we can give when it comes to Villa Vista is to contact us to schedule a visit or stop by and see it all for yourself.

Ladera Vista Is A Must See Community


There are times when you can read something and truly believe every word that you read right away. There are other times when no matter how good the information you have, you MUST see it to believe it. At Ladera Vista, seeing always leads to believing. The residents of Ladera Vista all have one thing in common for sure. That one thing is the belief that Ladera Vista is a place worthy of being called their home. Just to give you an idea of why people love to call Ladera Vista “home”, check out some of the features this community provides.

  • The homes really cater to someone who is a strict professional as well as an extremely family oriented person.

  • The 3-5 bedroom homes are extremely spacious. The homes are ranging from around 2,000 to 3,500 sq ft.

  • The children of Ladera Vista will have award-winning schools to attend.

  • For relaxation, there are parks, recreational facilities as well as a golf course when you and the family need to unwind and bond with one another.

  • DeNova Homes has made a lot of effort to make sure the home you choose will be perfectly designed and will cater to your family and/or professional style.

  • Ladera Vista has first class shopping, dining and recreational facilities all within a short distance.

  • The interior design in this community will really wow you with its stately elegance and wonderful charm.

You also will only be 30 minutes away from the metro of San Jose, the coast of Monterrey, or even Santa Cruz. As we were saying before, seeing Ladera Vista will really make you a believer. So once you are ready to join a great community of people who are both family oriented and professional, call us. We will be more than happy to get you set up for your new dream home here in Ladera Vista.