Four Bad Ways to Get Out of Debt


When it comes to getting out of debt, doing it by “any means necessary” may seem like the best approach. However, there are some great ways and horrible ways to go about getting out of debt. What we hope to do here is to give you some of the horrible ways to pay off debt so that you will avoid them. Knowing what not to do has its way of leaving you with options that are more likely to be your best course of action. Take a look at the bad ways to get out of debt here.

1. Leveraging your home

This is a very risky thing to do when it comes to trying to get out of debt. Losing your home if things go badly will just make already bad matters much worse for sure.

2. Increasing your credit limit

So many people go this route that it’s understandable how so many have made this option make sense to them. However, adding more debt to pay off debt can really just bury you in more debt than anything else.

3. Using your 401(k)

This one also seems to be a frequent option people in debt reach for. While this one may actually pay off debt, it can just be better to allow the funds there to sit and gain interest.

4. Getting Payday loans

These options are actually for emergencies, not paying off debt. Remember a statement we made earlier about adding more debt in reason number two.

One last thing, don’t go the route of bankruptcy unless you have seriously exhausted all other possible options to pay down your debt without increasing it. Claiming bankrupt will cause you not to be able to get loans for a while so be sure you are able to handle not being able to add any new debt for a while.

Are You Ready for Homeownership?


When you get out and start actively searching for your new home, you may feel it is a very exciting experience. Most people who are looking for their new home actually love seeing all the options out there and then narrowing it down to the one they desire most. However, there are actually some people who never quite feel they are ready for actually owning a home.

Have you spent years preparing to be a homeowner and never feeling completely ready? In some ways, you could argue that nobody is every “completely” ready for anything, but they can be better prepared than they are. We want you to continue to read along here and see some of the suggestions to help you realize if you are already prepared for owning your own home.

Stabilize your finances

Making sure you are prepared for things you will pay for as a homeowner is something you definitely must do. Being ready for insurance costs and future home projects and repairs you may want to do in the future will certainly be a huge benefit. Having an idea of the costs of commuting from your new place, utilities and other things you will take on as a homeowner will help you to better brace yourself financially.

Choose a great group of professionals

DeNova Homes is proud to offer a professional team to assist with the entire process. Everything from design to financing is discussed with future home buyers so that they can be included in the entire process.

Realize what you “must have”

A lot of things you may want in your home may turn out to be things you can actually live without. Sometimes, people have realized that some things they wanted in their homes are actually not practical or simply don’t work for their family as well as they have hoped.

You could spend many years trying to convince yourself you are ready for homeownership, or you could actually get out and speak with some professionals about the matter. Whenever you do decide to be a homeowner, make sure to reap every benefit that it has to offer.

Top 3 Things NOT to Do When Hiring A Mover


Is moving one of those things that you simply despise? Do you love being able to live in a new place, but hate the process of getting there? If so, you have probably already decided when you move you will hire a crew to do all the manual work. The ability to sit back and allow the movers handle everything from packing to moving things to your new place is really a godsend to say the least. However, there are some things you definitely do NOT want to do when looking to hire a mover. Take a look here at our top 3 things not to do when hiring a mover and be sure to avoid doing any of these tasks.

1. Pick the cheapest bidder.

Picking the cheapest bidder may be a great way to save money, but tends to be more costly in the end for most people. The cheapest bidder may not necessarily be the most professional, nor the most knowledgeable and caring for your valuables.

2. Looking at only one or two moving companies.

If your items in your home are of any value to you, take more time and care in who will handle those items. Keep a wide net of options going and narrow them down at least from around 5 different companies if possible.

3. Choosing a mover without them seeing your home.

Movers should require that they see your home you’re moving from at least before they place their final bid. Also, you should definitely be willing to allow them in to see what they may be handling if you choose to hire them. You may have items that require special handling and you will need to know how they will handle those things at the time of their final bid.

These have been the top 3 things people should NOT do if they are looking to hire an effective moving crew. Hopefully, you have never done any of these things and had to suffer the consequences of those actions. We hope that this article causes you to make sure to consider the importance of having everything you care about moved to the new place safely.

DeNova Homes: Want $2,500?


This is a quick reminder for those that are looking for a way to make some extra cash and help others find their way to a brand new home. When you refer a friend to DeNova Homes and they close on a home, you will receive a check for $2,500. The best part of our referral program is that anyone can refer someone and receive the referral money as long as all the criteria are met.

To get more information on the referral program and download the referral form, click HERE.

To check out some of the communities we have and learn more about us just visit the neighborhoods section above.

Increase Your Chances of Getting Approved for a Home Loan


After you have spent many hours online searching for your dream home, you may have finally come to a decision on what home you want. Checking out all kinds of sites can present you with plenty of options, but until you actually have some idea of what you want, you just aren’t ready, right? Well, there are some other steps you should definitely consider before even taking a look at homes. What would hurt possibly more than anything could be deciding you want a home that you simply cannot afford.

Your budget has a lot to do with whether you will be approved for the home loan that you desire. Therefore, making sure that you can secure a home loan should be your first task. What does it take to make you look better to home financing companies? Take a look at the following suggestions and see for yourself what you may need to work on to increase your chances of getting the loan you want.

A stable income

This is surely the most obvious factor, but it does need to be mentioned. Bankers really do look at you in a better light if you have a solid work history. The longer you have been on your job, the better you are going to look.

Your credit history

This is definitely very important as it shows your ability to repay companies that you owe. You may want to order a copy of your credit report to check it out before applying for anything. You want to make sure that everything reflected on your credit report is correct and dispute the inaccuracies.

Your debt-to-income ratio

Even when you have the job and great credit history, banks will look at what your income looks like in light of how much debt you have. They want to be sure that the loan they will give you will not go neglected due to being more than you can handle.

You should never want to bite off more than you can chew. Understanding the financial process and loan product you are applying for can also really help you to feel more comfortable with the loan product you actually accept.

Heat & Cool Your Home Efficiently


Did you know that at least half of the energy consumed in your home is usually spent on just heating and cooling? The homes that we offer are very energy-efficient. However, there are always things you should do to keep your utility bills low and still stay comfortable in your home. No matter how energy-efficient your home is, there’s always going to be things you need to be mindful of to keep things on the up and up. If you are looking for ways to make sure that your beautiful, energy-efficient home stays that way, take a look at the following suggestions that will help you out:

Keep your air filters clean

One way to do this is to make sure to check them each month. The winter and summer months are usually times of year you should check the most. The aim is to remove air filters that have become dirty or have been in use for 3 months. Dirty filters make your units work harder to warm or cool your home and that’s what you DON’T want.

Have you HVAC units tuned yearly

This is pretty much the same theory as you would use with tuning your car when you want to improve the gas mileage.

Use only ENERGY STAR equipment

If you ever decide to change your equipment, make sure that you go with ENERGY STAR items.

Your homes from DeNova Homes already come equipped with the best products that are also energy-efficient. However, as we mentioned before, you must make sure to keep an eye on things and maintain what you have to continue getting the best results. Since your home already comes equipped with new products from us, these steps should be the best advice you need to continue heating and cooling your home efficiently.

Cambridge at Carriage Hills: Your Home Customizing Options

Cambridge Lot 10 Photo (FC)

Having a say in what your home will be like is something a lot of homeowners feel is important. After all, making sure that you feel a personal connection with the home you are purchasing should really be important. This is why we at DeNova Homes always make sure that you have some options when you meet with our design team and our community of Cambridge at Carriage Hills is no exception.

What types of upgrades and customizing options do you look for when searching for that special new home? We have plenty to offer in this community aside from our gourmet kitchens, relaxing master suites. We invite you to check out this list below to better understand some of the customizing options and upgrades available within our homes of Cambridge at Carriage Hills.

Customizing Options/Upgrades

  • Flexible room options
  • Flooring and countertops
  • Refrigerator, washer, dryer, wine refrigerator, wall oven, and appliance upgrades
  • Cabinet wood, finishes, and door style
  • Cabinetry built-ins Laundry and linen uppers
  • Tech space & entertainment areas
  • Stair systems including iron balusters
  • Alarm system
  • I-pod docking system
  • Organizational systems
  • Lighting Package options, ceiling lights, fans
  • Three tone interior paint
  • Window coverings
  • Plumbing package and mirror options
  • Electronic car charger

Our design team is there for you when it comes to helping to personalize your new home. We believe that providing you with the best designers and the best products will guarantee you’ll have a home you’re completely satisfied with. For more information on this community and other features within our homes, visit our community section, sign up for the interest list and contact us using the site contact information.

Villa Vista: What’s In Our Gourmet Kitchens?


Whether you are aiming to become a professional chef, or if you just love having a nice luxury gourmet kitchen, Villa Vista has something for you. The gourmet kitchen designs and layouts in our homes here are a great place to get inspired as you enjoy having everything you need. Everything in our kitchens from the appliances, design and layout have been all carefully thought out and arranged for your greatest benefit.

We understand that having places to store things as well as great islands to prepare and serve are very important for a great gourmet kitchen to be very functional. Would you like to know what’s in our gourmet kitchens? Just to give you an idea of what things come together to become the gourmet kitchens in Villa Vista, take a look at the following features:

  • Comfortable dining areas
  • Convenient food prep island with breakfast bar
  • Storage pantry
  • Elegant quartz countertops with stainless steel big basin undermount sink
  • Adura® luxury plank floors
  • Beech cabinetry beautifully stained with contemporary slab style doors, with 6” stainless steel pulls, concealed hinges and white interior
  • Quality G.e. appliances including:
  • 30” Range with separate hood
  • Built-in microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator area pre-plumbed for ice maker
  • Food waste disposal

As you can see, we have plenty of things within our kitchens that are very important to chefs of all skill levels. The dining areas in our homes take things just a step further. The dining areas give more space to entertain and serve food to your guests. Add to the kitchens and dining areas other options for customization and upgrades with our design team and you’ll have a home that has everything you want within the kitchen and so much more. Learn even more about the features of our homes in Villa Vista by visiting our community section, signing up for our interest list and using the contact information provided.

Ladera Vista: Homes With Plenty Customizing and Upgrade Options


The homes we build at DeNova Homes are built to show the personal style, desires and needs of our residents. Therefore, you’ll find that meeting with our design team a very informative and pleasant experience. What things do you look for when you think of customizing or upgrading your dream home?

Well, if you decide to have one of our homes within Ladera Vista, you will have plenty of customizing and upgrade options available to you. What are some of these options? Take a look now as we share with you some of the options you’ll have to choose from.

  • Flexible room options
  • Flooring and countertops
  • Refrigerator, washer, dryer and appliance upgrades
  • Cabinet wood, finishes and door style
  • Cabinetry built-ins; Laundry and linen uppers
  • Tech space, brew hub, wine room (per plan)
  • Stair systems including iron balusters
  • Alarm system
  • iPod docking system
  • Organizational systems
  • Lighting package options, ceiling lights, fans
  • Three tone interior paint
  • Window Coverings
  • Plumbing package and mirror options
  • Interior door and hardware options
  • Electronic car charger
  • Wired for solar panels

There are some builders who don’t seem to want their homes to be altered. However, we at DeNova Homes love encouraging people to customize and upgrade with our many options. After all, the home should be pleasing to the buyer in every way and we take great pride in making sure you will be satisfied.

We invite you now to check out our website and learn more about Ladera Vista and see the many floor plans we offer in the homes. After you see what we have to offer, we will be expecting to hear from you. Helping you on your road to homeownership is something we love to do. Choosing Ladera Vista and your customizing options are something we look forward to helping you with.