The City of Angels: Gold, Mark Twain & Caverns

greenhorn-creekSurrounded by grapes, golf and adventure, the City of Angels, also known as Angels Camp, was once an appealing gold rush community, where nearly 4,000 miners camped in the one mile area from Angels Creek to Utica Park.

Angels Camp began as a tent town with many flimsy wooden structures and in 1855, the first fire took its toll by destroying almost everything. In rebuilding, many structures were built of rock with iron doors and roofs insulated with dirt and sand. Most of these building are standing today.

In the fall of 1865 a young Mark Twain, who was at the time living in a small cabin on “Jackass Hill”, overheard a story in a hotel bar, and later penned the now famous “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”.

Angels Camp is the only city incorporated in Cavaleras County. Calaveras county is famous for its caverns that have been visited and explored since 1850. Today there are three caverns; Moaning Caverns, Mercer Caverns and California Caverns where those with an adventuresome spirit can be lowered into the depths of the earth.

In 1938, The City of Angels was registered as a California Historical Landmark and its endless attractions and activities makes it a thriving community.

At the Angels Camp Museum and Carriage House you can admire a comprehensive collection of artifacts reflecting the rich and dynamic history of this community or a a fully functional late 19th Century Carpenters Shop is one of the Artisan Exhibits located in the Mining and Ranching building.

But if you’re looking for a hint of adventure, you can also schedule a Cave Walking Tour in the famous California Caves, where experienced, professional guides can lead you into the recently discovered “Jungle Room,” named for the array of crystalline “vines” covering the ceiling, many of them several feet long.

Regardless of what brings you to the City of Angels, be prepared for not wanting to leave! That’s why DeNova Homes will soon offer you several fantastic homes in this community. The Gallery at Greenhorn Creek offers residents spectacular views, access to 32 local wineries and a wide variety of outdoor activities only found in the heart of the Gold Country. Some might call it a vacation. We call it home.