Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces

What we do at DeNova Homes better than any other builder is our understanding of indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces. We look to make the best use of this wonderful California weather and help our homeowners enjoy the doubling of livable and entertaining space with these “extra rooms”. Visit our current neighborhoods page on our website and you will quickly see that more than half of our homes offer exterior spaces to die for.

What better way to celebrate these spaces, than to entertain. With the end of summer in sight, we surveyed our team for the best end-of-summer recipe to share with you. The consensus is in. The winning recipe is easy to prepare, but oh-so good!

The Peach Caprese Salad stood out for its simplicity and use of summer peaches. If you’ve ever made traditional caprese salad, you know that it is a crowd favorite. This version amplifies the flavors with the addition of the summery sweet freshness of the peaches. Furthermore, you can try lightly grilling the peaches first. Simply slice the peaches lengthwise in round disc shapes, brush olive oil on both sides of the peach and lay it on a grill for 2 minutes on each side. Then assemble the salad as normal. For the recipe you can visit

Thank you Sarah for sharing this wonderful recipe and happy entertaining to our DeNova Homes families!