DeNova at Southgate is Receiving Rave Reviews!

Don’t just take our word that DeNova at Southgate is a great value – listen to what our residents are saying:

Kaity and Roberto Galvez have given us permission to use their testimonial about the DeNova at Southgate experience:

We could go on and on with how happy we are! Our experience purchasing a home at Southgate couldn’t have been better.  Our expectations were exceeded during every step of the process and we were floored with how delightful everyone that we came into contact with.  As first-time home buyers we were overwhelmed with where to start in the buying process.  Laura Pope, Sales Manager was more than happy to walk us through the process. She was extremely accommodating, answering a variety of questions on a variety of topics.  We used Southgate’s Preferred Lender Laurie O’Callahan at Wells Fargo, which made the borrowing process seamless.  When it was time to pick out our home’s interior options, the folks at Creative Design Interiors bent over backwards to give us exactly what we were looking for.  And when it was time for our walk-through, builder, Michael Valentine was so helpful in explaining every feature of our home, how to best care for them, and all of the warranties that cover it.  It is such a relief to know that your new home is covered!  As a young family, we are extremely happy with our new home and the community we live in.  We recommend Southgate to anyone looking for an easy purchasing experience and a beautiful new home.

Thank you, Kaity and Roberto for sharing your experience with us and allowing us to share it with our residents. We are proud to have been part of your experience.

If you’re interested in purchasing a home in our community in Petaluma, CA, take a virtual tour and contact our Sales Team!

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11 Reasons to Buy a Petaluma New Home Versus Resale

If you are looking for Petaluma real estate it can be easy to be tempted by low prices for distressed properties that can seem like a “great deal.” But what are you really getting? New homes offer many advantages over older, distressed properties that can save homeowners time and money.

Here’s our list of 11 reasons to consider the value of a Petaluma new home versus a distressed home:

1. Because Buying a Home Shouldn’t Be a Part Time Job

New homes are one of the most stress free ways to purchase a home. No haggling, no lengthy approval process, and no surprises. Our professional sales team has closed hundreds of transactions in their careers, so you can feel confident that your home purchase will go smoothly.

2. Because Pink Tile and Orange Cabinets Just Don’t Go Together

Buying an older, distressed or resale home can come with years of mix and match design choices that rarely reflect the tastes of the new homeowner. New homes are your home, your way. When you purchase a new DeNova Home you can meet with a professional design associate to custom select each finish for your home (pink tile optional).

3. Because the Overgrown Lawn Next Door isn’t “Neighborhood Charm”

Every time you purchase a home you are also purchasing a neighborhood. The decisions that your neighbors make can have an impact on the value of your home for years to come. Buying a home in a new home community means that you’re surrounded by newer homes, landscaping, and common areas.

4. Because “Small, Dark, and Old” is Hard to Come Home To Everyday

Architecture styles change over time. Older, distressed homes can be dark with smaller rooms and more divided spaces. New homes that are built to the latest energy efficiency standards are often brighter with many family-friendly floor plan features such as great rooms, kitchen islands, lower level master suites, dual sinks in the master and secondary baths, and more.

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5. Because You Shouldn’t Have to Spend College Savings on the Light Bill

New homes are built to the latest energy efficiency standards, which means lower utility bills for you and your family. A savings of even $30 per month in your energy bill for a new home versus an older, distressed home can add up to $360 per year in savings, or more than $10,000 over the life of a 30 year loan.

6. Because Who Knows What Has Been in That Carpet?

Pets, smoke, and years of smelly stains can dig deep into a home, and not just the carpet. Often stains linger long after the carpet has been cleaned or replaced. New homes offer fresh, clean, sparkly finishes throughout with nothing to replace.

7. Because “Avocado” Was Never Meant to be an Oven Color

Replacing outdated, worn appliances can be more costly than just upgrading the appliance. Older homes can have faulty wiring, no plumbing to accommodate modern conveniences such as automatic icemakers, and spaces that are not large enough to fit the larger appliances that many busy families need today.

8. Because the Answer to “Who is the Builder?” Isn’t “Ummm…”

New homes offer something that older, distressed properties can rarely give to buyers: a builder who is accessible and stands behind their work. DeNova Homes is a Bay Area-based builder that has been building for years and offers a one year limited warranty on every new home purchased an a 10 year structural warranty.

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9. Because Surprises Should Only Be Birthday Parties and Lotteries

No inspection can detect absolutely every possible repair that might be needed in the first year of living in your home. Older, distressed properties can often come with an attractive price upfront but lots of costly surprise repairs later that can drain a homeowner’s bank account. Brand new homes have fewer surprises and a one year warranty for more worry-free home ownership.

10. Because “Vacation” Shouldn’t Mean Recaulking Your Tub

Older, distressed properties often come with a long list of repairs that can take up every weekend and vacation day for months or even years. New homes offer homeowners the ultimate luxury – more time and freedom to spend doing the things they love to do.

11. Because Our Limited Time Interest Rate Buydown Won’t Last!

There are three things that determine the affordability of a home: monthly payment, ongoing cost of ownership, and monthly fees. A new DeNova Home at Southgate means nothing to update, no HOA dues for lower monthly expenses, and for a limited time we are offering an interest rate buydown to make your monthly payment even more affordable.

Now more than ever, new homes offer a better option for smart, value-driven home buyers.

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