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    Types of Home Loans – And Which One is Right for YouIf you’re beginning your home buying process, you’re probably thinking a lot about mortgage loans. Purchasing a house is a big financial decision. How you’re going to secure a loan to pay for it is a large part of that. It’s common to wonder which loan is the best – but it’s better to think, “Whic...

  • Must See Homes in Sonoma with Charming Cottage

    THREE MUST SEE HOMES IN SONOMA WITH CHARMING COTTAGE      Located in Sonoma, California, Mockingbird Lane is just one mile from Sonoma Plaza, where historic Spanish Colonial buildings coexist with modern establishments. Sonoma Plaza is the hub of everyday life consisting of a welcoming green space, world-class eateries, shops, and tasting r...

  • Building a House Your Entire Family Can Work and Learn In

    If you are like most people in the U.S., you didn’t think much about a home office before 2020. Sure, you might have mentally designated a space to work on projects outside of the office or prepare to telecommute when your child was sick. But it was likely an afterthought. These days, however, it is at the forefront of most people’s minds. And...